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At many of our customer’s operations, BedRock is actively involved in the management of the mine and shaft timberyards. Timberyard management entails the storage, movement, loading and offloading and removal of timber at our customer’s operations. In most cases, the mine does not have the resources or machinery available to contend with the mining timber requirements of the shaft, which can be 100 tons or more of timber that must be moved underground daily. Here, BedRock steps in and assists our customers with a forklift or Telelogger and operator to load the mine’s timber cars, as well as people on the ground to do any bundling, strapping or pre-stressing unit attachments as required. Where the mine has a central timberyard from where it is distributed to the shafts, BedRock also takes care of the logistics of transporting the timber between these points.

A very important aspect of timber yard management is the timber quality and ensuring that a FIFO (first in, first out) system is adhered to in order to limit the time that timber is exposed to the elements. Because of our experience in timberyard management, we’ve perfected the art and are able to ensure Quality. On Time. In Full. 

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