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Technical Services

BedRock has established itself over the years as a leader in the provision of technical services associated with its products. Backed by a management team, including mining engineers, Groundwork Consulting provides technical services including support design optimisation and quality assurance static compression testing of our products to all our customers. This relationship has endured and prospered for many years and has earned accolades for the value it adds to the cost-effective support management within our customer base.


Logistical Services

The movement of a strategic product such as timber-based mine support over long distances and ultimately down a mine shaft requires some sophisticated logistical and holding systems. Products are bundled, where possible, and delivered at shaft head in material cars with minimal re-handling. The emphasis on all logistical systems is primarily on ergonomic handling and making life easier for the end-user.

Loaded cars at treatment plant
Logistical and holding systems
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