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BedRock Gold division consists of two business sectors, one is based in Gauteng, west of Johannesburg in Westonaria and the other in Theunissen and Virginia, Free State.  Both service centres cater for all the underground timber support needs of the Kloof and Driefontein Complex in Westonaria and Beatrix in the Free State. These two service centres have been at the forefront of the underground timber supply since BedRock’s inception in 1997. Timber is sourced directly from TWK Agri's 5 sawmills (Piet Retief Sawmill, Glenthorpe Sawmill, Rutland Sawmill, Sawco Sawmill and Rocklands Sawmill) which gives us the advantage of consistent timber supply.

Timber is treated at both centres with fire retardant chemicals on-site before it is distributed to various shafts. Our success is built on Quality. On time. In Full. -ethics and transparency, discipline and respect for the business, customers and competitors, however big or small, and by being a supplier of choice. Both service centres are adjacent to the shafts and facilitate the needs of all the nearby shafts.

Added value services that we provide to our customers is offloading of trucks and the loading of underground timber cars. This enables us to deliver timeously and is our competitive advantage. Furthermore, the customer relationships that we have built over the years and the consistency in upholding the safety standards, reliability and focus have been fundamental to our strengths.

Our employees are the core of the business, we respect and value their importance, including suppliers and customers in working together to achieve one common goal and objective, and that is safety. Quality control and checks are done from the mills and the service centres to guarantee Quality. On time. In full. without compromise.

Some of the products we supply on the gold mines include:

  • Solid and spaced mat packs

  • Brick composite packs

  • Chocks

  • Saturn Props

  • Pencil Props

  • Mine Poles

  • Headboards

  • Slabs

  • Gum planks


For any enquiries, please contact Henry Qqoloma on +27(0) 82 446 0068.

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