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Since BedRock is involved in the entire value chain of mining timber through TWK Agri (Pty) Ltd, which itself is vertically integrated through supplying seedlings to owning and managing plantations, to the mining timber mills owned and operated by TWK Agri to manufacture and supply service centres with Quality mining timber, On Time and In Full, it is a commercial challenge to ensure that BedRock operates profitably and sustainably while customers receive real and lasting value from our products and operational points.

While the timber market will remain a challenge in which to operate due to price and supply dynamics that are dependent on many variables, BedRock has the experience, knowledge and capacity to ensure that our customers will always be delighted by our Quality timber products, received On Time and In Full, every day. We are very proud to be a part of the sustainability and safety of the mining industry of South Africa.

For new business enquiries, please contact Rohan Bierman on +27(0) 82 820 6312.

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