News 2015

Future Leaders Investment Initiative

Olandelayo was born in 2015 from the BedRock family. Olandelayo, which colloquially means the next in line, will acquire a meaningful equity stake in the company in 2016, which will be housed in this Staff Investment Company. This investment company has multiple shareholders comprising the next generation of managers in BedRock.

This generous initiative from the BedRock executive was very well received by the shareholders of Olandelayo. It is seen as a huge motivation for Olandelayo shareholders as they now have an amazing sense of ownership and share in the company they love.

Olandelayo looks forward to learning from BedRock’s Directors and to move ahead into an incredible 2016 and beyond. Both BedRock and Olandelayo share the same goals and will work together as a team securing a promising future for BedRock.

The Olandelayo and BedRock partnership is something to be proud of and our team look forward to many years of these two partners working together.

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